Roller Doors Direct offer a variety of maintenance and servicing options, including:
• One-off service
• Continual servicing agreement
• Maintenance-free care package
We would highly recommend servicing your roller door at least once every year. Regular maintenance is more cost efficient than dealing with a repair further down the line.

One-off Service

We will visit your property and carry out the following.
• Check guide rails and clear any debris.
• Clean front and rear face of door curtain.
• Check operation of door.
• Check all safety devices, including safety edge and limit switch parameters.
• Replace batteries in safety edge (if required).
• Replace bulb in courtesy lamp (if required).
• Update Service history records.

Continual Servicing

A continual service agreement carries the same level of service you would expect from a one-off service, but on a recurring annual basis. This takes the hassle out of remembering to book your service, as we would call and make an arrangement to visit at a suitable time. We also offer discounts to customers who take up this recurring service package. Please call for more details.

Maintenance-Free Care Package

This package is only available when Roller Doors Direct has carried out the initial door installation. This is a full and comprehensive annual service, including all of the items listed above in a one-off service, with the added peace of mind of knowing your door is covered by an extra no-quibble guarantee, to replace any item that developes any type of fault, at any time, even after the manufacturer's warranty has expired. This package also covers the replacement of handset batteries, meaning you just give us a call when the batteries are running low and we will change them for you.