How To Order

Simply give us a call with your measurements and we will give you a price. If you plan to install the door yourself, you can order and pay over the phone, or call into our premises to complete the order. If you require us to install your door, our surveyor would need to attend your property and measure your door opening. This is included in the installation cost and is not an extra charge.

How To Measure Up For A Replacement Door

For us to be able to give an accurate quote for your new roller door, we need to know two key measurements, these are:
1) Opening Width: The brick-to-brick width or 'drive-through width' of your garage opening. Take a measurement across the top, middle and bottom, and use the smallest/narrowest dimension.
2) Opening height: Measure from the finished floor level up to the bottom of the lintel above the opening.

How To Pay For Your New Door

You can pay for your door using:
• Debit/Credit Card
• Cash
• Cheque
• Online BACS payment or direct bank transfer
Online payments and cheques will need to be cleared in our account before your order can be processed.
A non-refundable deposit of 50% of the order value is required on all orders. This is because every door is made to measure and cannot be returned to the manufacturer for a refund if the order is cancelled.

How To Avoid Expensive Mistakes

• Measure twice, order once.
• Familiarise yourself with your new door and any maintenance requirements. If you do not wish to maintain your door yourself, you can choose from one of our roller door care packages. Please take a look at the Services section of this website or call for more details of our care packages.